TV Series
Dance-Off is a new dramatic talent dance competition, which gathers aspiring prospects, both professional and amateur, from all over the nation, to determine who is the best dancer in the country. Although they all represent different dance styles, the contestants have to demonstrate that they are versatile and impress both the judges and the audience. The young dancers compete for the main prize of $100,000 and…
Comedy Club is the most audacious, grand and popular prime-time comedy show in Russia, which gathers together the crème de la crème of the nation’s comedy scene! A landmark show for TNT channel, the program features its key comedic talent cracking jokes on stage, performing stand-up routines, sketches, roasts and spoofs in front of the audience which includes celebrity guests.
This is a story of a modern day Boyz’N’Da Hood. Tim, Zhuk, Gosha and Tsypa are four teenagers growing up in the same big city neighborhood. Tim is the son of rich parents who wants nothing to do with them or their money. He is a smart and adventurous adrenaline junkie who easily becomes the leader of the pack. Zhuk, a taciturn kickboxer who grew up with his grandma, is the muscle of the gang. Gosha, the youngest of them all, is a shy son of a despotic military man…
Foma has been a loyal bodyguard of a mafia kingpin all his life. However, when his boss chooses to go legit, he kicks Foma out without giving it a second thought. Feeling lost and desperate, the main character makes up a plan to become a gym coach at the school of his ex-boss’ daughter and, by proving his loyalty to her father, get his old job back. Foma is not your typical school teacher, he speaks the language of the mob and acts like a real tough dude…