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Poster: DOM 2

The longest running reality show in Russia about finding your love. Over 3.5 million viewers daily!
Dom-2 is a daily reality show about relationships. It is a show about young people who aren’t afraid to display their feelings on TV and are ready to work hard to win over the person they fancy. Seven young men and eight young women move into a country house where they will be living together for the duration of the show – boys and girls in their separate rooms. The rest of the time on the show they will be spending together searching for their soul-mate and trying to form strong long-lasting couples. Each week the contributors vote for a number of best couples, who will then move into VIP-cabins with all the amenities. Also, each week the contestants all vote on one person to be eliminated. They will base their decision on the contributor’s ability to create a couple and personal attitudes. Two new contestants of the same sex as the eliminated person join Dom-2 each week, but only one of them will get to stay in the show by the end of the day. The other one will be voted out by the contestants of the opposite sex. The main prize for the winning couple is a fancy house (“Dom” in Russian). Who will you choose to be with? Will your couple last long enough? Will other contributors believe your feelings are for real? This is the show where you will have to prove how strong your love is!

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