TV Series
Asya, the main character of the series, is an interior designer in her early thirties. She has a husband, Kirill, who seems to love her very much. She also has three lovers – her business partner, a traffic police officer who once confiscated her driving license, and a student who is an oligarch’s son. One day she runs into her childhood friend, Dasha, who is living a leisurely life of a rich man’s wife. However, Dasha feels bored, so she asks Asya…
This is a story of a modern day Boyz’N’Da Hood. Tim, Zhuk, Gosha and Tsypa are four teenagers growing up in the same big city neighborhood. Tim is the son of rich parents who wants nothing to do with them or their money. He is a smart and adventurous adrenaline junkie who easily becomes the leader of the pack. Zhuk, a taciturn kickboxer who grew up with his grandma, is the muscle of the gang. Gosha, the youngest of them all, is a shy son of a despotic military man…
The story of what has been called the most explicit drama series on Russian television centers around six successful thirty-year-old Muscovites whose lives change dramatically with the arrival of the main character. Sasha is a single mom from a provincial town and a former ballet dancer, who is now making money as a go-go dancer at night clubs. After an unpleasant incident with the son of an influential father at a birthday party, Sasha comes to Moscow…