TV Series
Dance-Off is a new dramatic talent dance competition, which gathers aspiring prospects, both professional and amateur, from all over the nation, to determine who is the best dancer in the country. Although they all represent different dance styles, the contestants have to demonstrate that they are versatile and impress both the judges and the audience. The young dancers compete for the main prize of $100,000 and…
The longest running reality show in Russia about finding your love. Over 3.5 million viewers daily! Dom-2 is a daily reality show about relationships. It is a show about young people who aren’t afraid to display their feelings on TV and are ready to work hard to win over the person they fancy. Seven young men and eight young women move into a country house where they will be living together for the duration of the show – boys and girls in their separate rooms…
Comedy Club is the most audacious, grand and popular prime-time comedy show in Russia, which gathers together the crème de la crème of the nation’s comedy scene! A landmark show for TNT channel, the program features its key comedic talent cracking jokes on stage, performing stand-up routines, sketches, roasts and spoofs in front of the audience which includes celebrity guests.